At Huntsville Foot Health Centre, we specialize in the treatment of a wide range of foot health issues.

As a Registered Chiropodist we are trained in the complete care of feet. Patients who visit our office can have treatment ranging from such routine procedures as the cutting of toenails, ingrown or not, and the removal of corns and calluses. Ingrown nails can be treated as needed or permanently with nail avulsion surgery.

Come in and meet our trained foot care specialist, qualified to diagnose and properly treat ailments of the foot.


Kerri-Lynn Vallentin B.Sc, D.Ch, IIWCC

Registered Chiropodist

Kerri became a Chiropodist in 2003 after completing her studies at the Mitchener Institute and the University of Toronto. She completed her clinical training at the Ottawa Rehabilitation Centre.

Kerri began working in private practice for an colleague in Oakville and Milton, at the same time she started her own private practice part-time in Hamilton. In late 2004 Kerri took a position at St. Peter's Hospital in Hamilton that specialized in high risk foot care. She continued to grow her private practice and focused on house call visits. She began scheduled foot care and orthotic management at several area retirement homes and Chiropractic Offices. Kerri returned to her studies on evenings and weekends and completed the International inter-professional Wound Care Certification for high risk infection and wound care.

In 2010 Kerri moved to Huntsville with her family and purchased the Huntsville Foot Health Centre with her husband Ryan.


Someone suffering from a foot problem will likely want to see a Chiropodist. The word chiropodist literally means “medicine of the hand and foot,” although today’s chiropodist does not treat difficulties of the hand.

A Chiropodist is a regulated primary health practitioner who is trained in the assessment, prevention and treatment of foot and ankle related disorders. An essential member of the healthcare team, the Chiropodist has many skills and techniques that help patients eliminate foot pain, gain mobility, and maintain healthy feet.


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