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At Huntsville Foot Health Centre, we expertly assess and treat common foot concerns using the latest technologies. 

Expect the best foot care in a friendly, family-oriented environment. 

As a Registered Chiropodist we are trained in the complete care of feet. Patients who visit our office can have treatment ranging from such routine procedures as the cutting of toenails, ingrown or not, and the removal of corns and calluses. Ingrown nails can be treated as needed or permanently with nail avulsion surgery.

Come in and meet our trained foot care specialist, qualified to diagnose and properly treat ailments of the foot.

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The Perfect Fit

Awaits You

When your feet hurt, it's hard to do what you love. Finding the right shoes can help keep you healthy and on the go. Huntsville Foot Health Centre can determine what is causing your foot pain and find the right shoe for you.

Are you suffering from foot pain?

Someone suffering from a foot problem will likely want to see a Chiropodist. A Chiropodist is a regulated primary health practitioner who is trained in the assessment, prevention and treatment of foot and ankle related disorders. An essential member of the healthcare team, the Chiropodist has many skills and techniques that help patients eliminate foot pain, gain mobility, and maintain healthy feet.


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