What is an orthotic?

Custom foot orthotics are specialized foot inserts which are designed to fit your foot. Orthotics are designed to fit your feet, not your shoes. This way you can transfer your new orthotics into most of your existing footwear. In order to achieve the best orthotic for you and your needs, the Chiropodist will complete a physical, biomechanical and gait assessment. They will then take a plaster cast impression of both feet to ensure that your orthotic is made just for you.

How does an orthotic help?

An orthotic is a custom made device that controls the amount of movement that a foot goes through when walking, running or cycling. All people naturally pronate (roll in) and supinate (roll out), but excessive movement either way can be problematic. Custom Foot Orthotics help to control and stabilize the mechanics of the foot, which then affects the mechanics of the


custom orthotics
custom orthotics
custom orthotics


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